Vermiwash is a liquid that is collected after the passage of water through a column of worm action and is very useful as a foliar spray. It is a collection of excretory products and mucus secretion of earthworms along with micronutrients from the soil organic molecules. These are transported to the leaf, shoots and other parts of the plants in the natural ecosystem. Vermiwash is a clear and transparent, pale yellow coloured fluid.

About Vermiwash

  • Contains excretory products and excess secretions of earthworms plus micronutrients from soil organic molecule
  • Vermiwash has high quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, calcium, magnesium & zinc and is alkaline
  • Fresh vermiwash contains many beneficial microbes helping plant growth and preventing infections
  • Sugars, phenols and amino acids are also present
  • Hormones promoting plant growth like indole acetic acid, gibberellic acid, and humic acid are present as well
  • Vermiwash must be diluted before application or the plant/crop may die


  • Dilute with water (10%) before spraying effectively on any plant
  • Vermiwash should be diluted 5 to 10 times with water and then applied


  • High amount of enzymes, amino acids
  • Heterotrophic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes including nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilisers
  • Vitamins and hormones like Cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins etc
  • Along with macro and micronutrients used as foliar spray
  • Soluble Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash